Getting Faith … In The Form of A Dog

Sometimes our prayers are answered in the strangest ways.  Last year, towards the end of August, I was not well. I prayed. I prayed a lot. I prayed for hope, faith, to feel better, to release me of panic and anxiety and numerous other things.

I was a registered foster through an animal rescue. I had fostered several puppies and dogs over the past several months. I had just lost my beloved 18-year-old chihuahua, earlier in the month, and I was sad.

Little did I know, my prayer for faith would be answered. Oddly, it was in the form of a dog. A chihuahua, that needed a foster. Below is her story, from the person that found her.

“At The Feet of Jesus”
This little chihuahua was seen being thrown out of a moving vehicle last week at my apartments. Somehow, she migrated to DBU and has been staying by this statue for days, refusing to leave. No one could catch her or get close to her, but she stayed at that statue of Jesus faithfully. With the help of Vienna sausages, I got her to eat from my hand, but she still wouldn’t let me touch her. Last night, as I was feeding her, a friend set up a trap that we borrowed, and this morning, we discovered it had worked. This little chihuahua who was too afraid to get close to people, within a matter of 30 minutes, is wagging her tail, licking my face, trying to play, and following me everywhere. This rescue taught me something about life. Sometimes people or circumstances really break our hearts… Sometimes we feel lost, scared, lonely, and confused. This leads to uncertainty and fear. No matter what our state is, however… No matter what has happened to us in life… if we will seek out Jesus and rest at His feet, and just be so focused on being near to Him, He will send us the help we need and He will bring redemption into our lives. He will replace the hurt and rejection with healing and acceptance. Where are you today? Are you feeling lost or heartbroken? Rest at the feet of Jesus and find peace in His promise to redeem you .


The picture above is where Faith was found. After being rescued, it was discovered that she was pregnant. She gave birth to four puppies. She nurtured them, and was then ready for her own home.

When I first got Faith (named by the person that rescued her), I had no intentions of adopting her. I was going to keep her safe and loved until she found her forever home. This 16 pound, full of attitude and sass, dog decided I was her people. She was home. She was my faith. I found pleasure, love, and peace with her by my side.

Faith had trust issues due to her past. I could definitely relate to that. Together, we learned to trust each other. Our love for one another continued to grow. Faith grew more comfortable in her new surroundings as each day passed.  She blossomed. She made me laugh. When I was to take her to an adoption event, I knew that I could not let her go. She was mine.

She has an attitude. She is bossy. She is demanding. She is quirky. She is loyal. She is my “Faith” and she is loved. Her life is important, and she got a second chance to feel love, security and trust, probably for the very first time. And I got a new family member to love until the end of her days.

So, when searching for answered prayers, don’t overlook something that might seem a little crazy. God works in mysterious ways, and knows what we need. I needed Faith. Faith needed me. We were led to each other when we were both in need.



21 thoughts on “Getting Faith … In The Form of A Dog

  1. Hi, great post. Just a quick note- I hit 100 followers today, and one of those was you, so I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for your support..! I’m still writing my book, and trying to increase my web presence, so any and all thoughts and advice will be much appreciated. Thank you again, and hope to hear more of you in the future..! 🙂

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      1. Ah I hope you did! I am planning on spending today exploring a few people sites, as haven;t had much of a chance to do that over the last little while. I wish there were more hours in rhe day… :/

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