I Am More Than My Illness …

Although I struggle daily with my mental illness, I am more than that. It does not totally define me as a person. Yes, it alters my thinking at times. But I have passions, talents, and hobbies.


I am a volunteer and foster for an animal rescue. I have strong opinions about animal neglect and abuse. If your idea of having a dog is to only to keep it chained up outdoors, please do not own a pet.

Animals are designed to be social. They need to be around people, and to feel love and give love. They need to be treated as part of your family. Pets are good for your soul.


I like to draw and paint. I am not very good, but I love it still. I need to spend more time doing this. I used to get lost in it, but a lot of things have changed. I like to paint on reclaimed word, such as old fencing. I like to decorate frames, boxes, etc. using vintage jewelry. However, that can become extremely tedious.

I love to read. The problem lately is that I have a hard time focusing. Getting lost in a book is something you cannot explain. Only other readers would understand. You can mentally be taken to any place, and feel as if you are there. You can be whomever you wish to be.

I began to journal a few years ago. At some point I stopped. However, I have recently began to blog, and although I have a lot to learn, I enjoy it. I find it to be a good outlet for me.

I just wanted to let people know there is more to me than being mentally ill. Just like there is more to anyone with a mental illness. It may upset some of our days, or even weeks. But underneath all the fog, we are people with much to offer. Sometimes you have to open the oyster to find the pearl inside.




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